When is the right time to seek support?

Are you experiencing overwhelming emotions, struggling with personal relationships, dealing with trauma or loss, experiencing persistent anxiety or depression, facing major life transitions, or seeking personal development and support to improve your mental well-being and improve how you do life?

Yes? Then now is a good time to come and talk, we can navigate these things together.

Change happens when a person accepts where and what she is at that moment in time, it is then from this firm ground that change can emerge.

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Teresa Christensen

Teresa Christensen

Hi, I’m Teresa

I have extensive experience of supporting people at difficult and challenging times of their lives –  I believe that every person has the ability to find their way towards well-being with effective support.

I’m interested in supporting you with your struggles and challenges where life is not working for you – maybe you are dealing with big life changes.  I will provide an environment of care, compassion and acceptance, done in a space of safety so you can explore the issues that are causing you concern.

What Can I Help You With?

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A Bit About My Training

I’m a Gestalt psychotherapist, counsellor and nurse, I hold a Masters of Gestalt Therapy and certificate in Sandplay Therapy as well as other counselling qualifications.

For many years I worked as a registered intensive care nurse supporting patients, relatives and staff, it was there that I first sat with those in distress. I learnt that when a person is faced with situations that are overwhelming to them, courageously they find ways through with empathetic, insightful support.

These experiences led me on a journey in pursuit of training in counselling and psychotherapy.

Following my psychotherapy training I supported a residential community for older adults living with dementia, providing a counselling service for residents, family members and carers. Encountering the challenges faced by those living with dementia, feelings of relatives at having to ask for help and with carers needing to process emotions this valuable work engendered.

People coming to terms with loss, grief and change with innovation, creatively and often humour and tears. This experience led to curiosity around other ways of being with people therapeutically perhaps non-verbally, and in turn to further training in Sandtray therapy.  Sandtray therapy with adults is a way of working with what is unconscious with symbols in the sand world of the tray.

Finding New Pathways